Ideal jeans design from 3×1 to make you look sexy and dazzling

3×1 may be a newbie in the fashion market but the owner of the company has some good experience in this industry as he is also the founder of Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn which are two of the well known fashion brands. There are some very good options in store here for the ladies and you can completely change the way you look by getting some stylish apparels for you.  When you talk about Women’s Jeans,  there are some great trending varieties available at your disposal and to make sure you get the right one, here are some reviews about the best selling jeans’ from the brand:

Crop Fringe jeans:

This jeans will definitely help you to take your looks to a whole new level. The swingy fringes on the bottom of your jeans complied with the vintage style stitching makes it a unique option and you are not going to find many having this jeans.

The stylish white color only further enhances the looks and to make it look more appealing, some designer prints are also being used near the ankle which is very pleasing to the eyes. They best pair up with the help sandals and a floral top which will definitely boost your looks in the most impactful manner.

Damaged skinny jeans:

This is another very good and trendy design that most of the girls in the New York like to put on to make a solid impression on their boyfriend. With a contemporary mid rise, they look even classier and pair up very well with the blazers so that you can easily put them on while going for the parties.

They are also compatible with machine wash and have a trendy 5 pocket style which is most comfortable for all of you to wear.

How to add spunk to your boring attire?

The 70’s is known as the golden romantic era in the fashion world, not just because the young became the leaders of fashion, but also because of the new and radically innovative fashion styles. Why, I am telling you this is pretty simple as fashion has a very nasty habit of repeating itself after every few years, whether we see jeggings for girls, leggings for girls, designer dresses or any other type of fashion dresses, everything has come back, only with a bang.

The Era is known about freedom, being able to choose a variety of vibrant colours and the most interesting mixes of colours or styles that anyone could think of. If we look carefully, we would find an interesting mix of all sorts of amazing designs all existing simultaneously with each other. The fashion police has always loved this era, maybe because various cultures of hippies, punks, bohemian left their mark on the designs, so deep that we can still feel the presence in today’s world. Some classic designs are still followed by all fashion conscious people.

70s looks have an exuberance and specificity that can make them hard to wear if you don’t have the right attitude to wear them. The famous styles including the stylish jeggings for girls, the printed leggings for girls, the cute fashion dresses and the halter neck designer dresses. The designers all over the world love this era so much that they leave no chance to revisit it for incorporating those designs in their new creations. The modern twist and presentations of the luxurious rendering of the key shapes, styles and garments can be evidently be seen in the apparels of today.

Lots of cotton designer dresses are still inspired by the designs of this era, especially the one with a relaxed style, a deep V-neck, hippie fringing and son on. The luxury couture houses sell a lot of fashion dresses with bright and bold colours that were a signature style of the 70’s.

If you too are a big fan of this era and would like to add some pieces in your wardrobe then some sure things to put your money’s worth on are, jumpsuits, patchwork sweaters, floral –fashion dresses, printed jeggings for girls, hot pants and leggings for girls with geometrical designs. These some articles will insure that the wearer is able to build some personality and is worth noticing everywhere she goes.

Some fashion commandments to follow if you want to rock the 70’s style as a pro.

Let’s start with the 70’s inspired denims first, open your wardrobe and take out the flared jeans that has been sitting at the bottom for years, it can be anything from the mid-rise or the high-waist fit, just make sure its not distressed. Wearing them with a bright coloured checked shirt or a loose Tee that can be tied up in  knot for some belly button show, will bring in a lot of compliments your way.

  • For that little girl/woman androgynous look that will sweep everyone away with its charm are silk or satin blouses. Wearing them as your office attire with fitted trousers or pants, they will offer a chic yet vintage inspired look to the wearer.

Charm Bracelet DIY

Making your own charms for a charm bracelet can be lots of fun and also a great way of adding new charms if your budget won’t allow you to buy any new ones. There are lots of different ways to make charms and if you are feeling brave enough, or want to challenge yourself, you could even try making the bracelet itself.

If however, you’d prefer to start off small, but still want to handmade look, then you could always look at ChloBo Charm Bracelets and add your own charms to an already well made bracelet.


What Type of charms Are You Designing?

Once you have an idea of the material your bracelet will be, you will need to attach your charms to it. You will need the same or similar colours and materials. A gold bracelet with silver charms may sound nice, but it might not work in practise.

Consider the size of the bracelet, that will enable you to be realistic about the size and amount of charms you can have without overloading the bracelet or making it look bad. If you don’t put on enough charms, it will look bare and unfinished. Put too many on, or charms that are too big then they can risk damaging the bracelet itself.

A good place to start is to add between 4 and 6 charms and to work your way up from there.

Charm Bracelet types

There are lots of different types out there, it really depends what you are looking for. There isn’t one that is better than the other; however each bracelet will alter the look you are trying to go for.  Some materials will also look better, or may look fancier than others. The basic types are gold, silver, silver or gold plated, string and leather.

Who is it for?

If you do decide to make a charm bracelet, you might be considering making it as a gift for someone. Charm bracelets are great because you can personalise them for the person you have in mind. You can choose colours and materials they like and you could also use charm that makes you think of them. You can even add charms that are of a sentimental value to the wearer.

If however, you are unsure of what to put on the bracelet, there are plenty of craft shops that sell packs of charms for a relatively decent price. You can sometimes mix and match. Most charms have a meaning behind them. It’s up to you to decide if that particular charm works for you. Here is a list of a few popular ones and their meanings.

  • Hearts- Hearts are always a good way to go as they can be interpreted in so many different ways. Giving a heart charm to a loved one shows your love and affection.
  • Angels – You don’t have to feel spiritual or religious to consider an angel charm. Not only do they look nice, they also mean protection. A great gift idea for a loved one if you want them to know that you will protect them.
  • Crosses- Going down a slightly religious route, crosses are quite popular for showing faith, but have also more recently become more of a fashion accessory. It is up to the wearer on how they want to interpret that.
  • Daisies- daises can be seen as quite childish and innocent, so a great charm for a child bracelet.
  • Dice- meaning luck or that the person likes to take risks. This is slightly different to the four leaf clover charm, which symbolises good luck. This is also similar to the horse shoe charm, but the horseshoe must have 7 holes for luck.
  • Dog- giving someone a dog charm can be interpreted in one of two ways, either the person likes dogs and wants to be reminded of this, or alternatively you are telling them that you see them as a loyal person.
  • Fairies- Symbolises mischief and youth
  • Gardening charms – any charms with a garden related theme, from plant pots, to trowels. Anything garden related is a great addition to a green fingered enthusiast.

As you can see, this is just a small list of the many, many charms out there. Once you have a bracelet, or make your own, the possibilities are endless. If you get bored of a charm, or decide you don’t like it, you can swap it out for another one. If however you find that making a charm bracelet isn’t for you, but you do want one, then you should consider taking a look at ChloBo Handmade Jewellery as their handmade bracelets set a great base to work on and add your own charms.

How a Buyer or Supplier Can Benefit from Wedding Directory?

Planning a wedding perfectly can be a hectic task, especially if you want to make it special for everyone who are participating in the functions. You have to pay attention to the tiny details and by chance if you miss anything, it will be like a disaster on your wedding day. So, whether you are a girl or a boy and you are getting married, it is obvious that you want to make your big day special. You have to make arrangements like decoration, catering, florist, wedding planner, music, etc. It will be more time consuming to visit different professionals and finding the best one for your wedding.

Here come the gold cost weddings, which is one of the most reliable directory website of all wedding related supplies. You will surely want the best and high quality supplier so this is the place from where you can choose the best one. One of the major benefits of a wedding directory is that you can compare the suppliers and services. The directory provides you with detailed information about different wedding suppliers in your area and the services they are providing.

If you have set a budget for your wedding you can also compare the prices, in this way you will be able to contact the best supplier within the limit of your budget. Another benefit of using the wedding supplier directory is that you can save a lot of time and effort by finding the services online. You just have to click the category of the services you want and a list of service providers will appear in front of you. You can easily browse them and contact them to hire.

If you are a service provider the wedding directory is also very beneficial for you. As I earlier said online wedding directories are a great source of information for the couple who are getting married. You can expand your business by appearing in the list of directories.  You just have to contact the owner of the directory site by sending them an email or calling on their contact number.

Wedding Directory

No matter, what is the category of your services you can offer it on the wedding directory, whether you are a florist, a caterer, beautician, wedding planner, or a wedding photographer the wedding directory is the best place for increasing your business. The effective service of wedding directory will deliver your message to the potential customers in a reliable way.

How to Enhance Your Personality with Stylish Outfits?

It’s the nature of human that they want to have appealing personality. According to a research women are more conscious about their personality as compared to men.  So they give much importance to their physical appearance by wearing the trendy dresses, footwear and other fashion accessories. These all fashion wears helps in enhancing the looks of the women.

Fashion means to follow the up to date trends of the style in the society. It is also considered as a means of self expression of an individual. Now-a-days people judge a person class, religion, culture by their outfits in the society. So women prefer to wear stylish and trendy garments. Some women think that they can’t wear modish dresses due to their body size.

It’s a completely wrong concept because now the fashion industry is booming to its peak and many outfits’ brands are introducing the chic dresses that look beautiful on every type of body. Even if you are pregnant and want to wear a classy dress for a party, you can easily purchase it from the stores. The blow bungalow is an amazing store for the woman that provides all women’s fashion accessory to their shoppers.

You can visit the blue bungalow store to buy the comfortable and stylish outfits of every size.  You can also purchase the matching jewelry, shoes and the stylish glass wear from the store. This is the best place to buy a gift for your loved one. The store is located at the Newstead, Brisbane QLD. You can get the store directions and their timings by visit their official site.

If you can’t visit the store due to any reason or living in the distance from the store, there is no need to worry. The blue bungalow is also offering their online services for their valued customers. Their online store website is an eye catching and user friendly website that accommodates their customers in every manner. They provide high quality services to satisfy their customers’ need.  They are having the leading brands outfits such as Boho, Elm Lifestyle, Alessi, Sunny girl and many others.

Stylish Outfits

They have categorized every dress type so that the customers can easily shop it as per their choice. They are much experienced in their field. They sell scarf, bags, skin care products, sunglasses and many other categories, but they didn’t compromise on quality and style. So you can easily buy quality wears that are in the fashion today.

Role of Personal Stylist in Creating Your Wardrobe

In this fast paced society, it is important to keep pace with the changing trends if you want to compete in the market. You have seen that the trends are continuing to change with speed and everything looks better than ever. Same is the case with the clothing industry. If you are fond of building a wonderful wardrobe and you want to do it quickly, you will definitely fail. The reason is simple, everything looks good in its place, but it is not necessary that it will also fit for you.

It does not mean that you have to buy different things from different places constantly to build your wardrobe. A good change takes time and to have a fabulous wardrobe, it is important to enjoy the process of creating your wardrobe. You have to create a wardrobe with those dresses that are comfortable for you and you feel yourself more confident while wearing them. Most of the time people claim that they don’t know what to wear for a specific party because they are not much social.

This is because they did not build their wardrobe by keeping in mind their social activities. You can overcome these kinds of problems by keeping certain points in mind. The basic point is that you can’t create an amazing wardrobe in one day or even in a month, but it is also important that you evolve your wardrobe with your growing age. It sounds good to buy your whole wardrobe once and keep it forever, but practically it can’t be happening.

Stylist in Creating Your Wardrobe

You have to change the style of your clothes with the changing trends and even with your changing lifestyle. You should keep those dresses that fit your current body shape and size. Another important thing is that never do rush shopping, if you are rushing it, you will not be able to get clothes according to your desire and you have to keep those dresses in your wardrobe that does not fit you. One fantastic way to get the best for you is to consult a personal stylist.

When you visit a personal stylist for image consultant sydney you will get valuable information regarding the current trends of clothes. He or she will help you in getting the best dresses that will fit well with your personality. This is the best way to build a wonderful wardrobe and an attractive personality as well.

Are you new to the gym? Read how to pack the gym bag

If you want to visit gym, you should prepare yourself mentally for workout session. You also need to prepare your gym bag for this purpose. You must know how to pack gym bag perfectly. For buying gym products you should check out Fabletics. If you consider products at discount prices then you should click here to check promotions from Fabletics.

To start packing, you should first pick up right gym bag. The bag you will carry to your gym must be clean as it will be very demotivating if carry a dirty bag. When you purchase a gym bag, you should pick up one that catches your fancy. There are various colors and designs that are available in gym bags; pick up your favorite one. An important thing to consider when buying a bag for gym purpose is “size”. You must not purchase a bag that is too large or a bag that is too small. Your gym bag should have right size. It is not that one size is fit for all gym goers. A bag that is too small for you might be perfect for someone else. So, sole decision would be on you that you will pick up right sized gym bag. It should have enough room for all your gym gears and some pockets to keep small items. Bag should be washable so that you can wash it easily when it gets dirty.


When you found a right sized gym bag, your next step is to buy clothes and gym gears. To start with, buy a pair of workout clothes, shoes, socks, undergarments and towel. These are basic necessities of working out in the gym. You should also add gym gear items like swim goggles (if your gym has an inbuilt swimming pool), yoga props and weightlifting gloves. When packing a bag, you should start off with shoes. Workout shoes should be placed first in the bag followed by a bath towel. You should then put in your gym clothes and then finally put a small towel for wiping sweat. If you have small items like membership card, keys and mobile phone then you can keep them inside small pockets your gym bag has.

While you are sweating it out, you will lose your freshness. As a lady it is very important for you to feel fresh, so you should pack in toiletries. Your gym bag should have everything you need for perfect shower. Make sure you do not forget to pack shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash lotions, toothbrush and deodorant. The sizes of toiletries products must be small and portable.

It is good idea to pack some extras in gym bag. Like water bottle and some snacks just in case you feel hungry after an intense workout session. It is also a good idea to take plastic bag that can carry wet clothes. If you are considering shopping for gym workout products then you should click here for Fabletics coupons that will help you to save money.

Famous brands for Mother of the Bride Outfits

Wedding is an occasion that is celebrated with ultimate joy and best things possible. Whether it is location, decoration, flowers, drinks, food or songs everything should be perfect and complement the event and meant to enhance its significance. Along with all these arrangements every visitor in wedding also tries to dress in best possible outfit to be part of celebrations.

However, it is custom as well as important that bride should be dressed in most splendid and notable outfit on her wedding but other ladies in wedding should also display their best style without overshadowing the exclusivity of bride dress.


On this special occasion mother of bride also hold undeniable significance as she is host of the event as well as this is her daughter who is getting married.  Therefore, mother of the bride outfits should not only speak for elegance of the women but should also express her sentiments for occasion.

For dresses of mother of bride women usually search for different brands and stores especially in UK. Prices of these dresses varied according to type of place you are looking in and brand you want to opt for. Some renowned brands for wedding outfits especially for mother of bride with different price ranges are as follow:


BHS or British Homes Stores is one of most renowned brand of UK. You can find most elegant range of dresses from contemporary to classic especially in eveningwear. You can also find complete range of accessories to enhance to complete look of dress that includes even shoes, jewelry and bags. You can find good outfit in moderate price at this place.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is more feasible option if you are looking for some conventional yet stylish wedding dress for you on this special occasion. However, it can happen that you may meet someone at wedding wearing same dress from same brand.


Harrods is not only known for its selection of dresses but also for prices all over the world. Dresses from Harrods stand for individuality and luxury for buyers. You can find wedding outfits from renowned designers such as Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace, and Vivienne Westwood. Along with Harrods you can also enjoy great outfits for this special occasion from celebrated brand of Prada.

Along with these brands you can also find various other options available for mother of the bride outfits in known places like high street. Whatever brand you want to go for always remember that your choice of dress should not outshine the dress of your daughter so you both can have best time of your life during event.

The most effective tips to dress for business success

The most appropriate business attire might not be applicable for every individual because you live in visual world where visuals play very important role in determining how to look in front of people. The way you dress also plays a pivotal role in making or breaking a business opportunity because people make assumptions based on the way you look and it also determines the quality of your work as well as your competence. Hence you need to pay attention to your personal appearance because people judge you fairly and unfairly based on your looks which make it very crucial to work hard for enhancing the look you have so that it does not come in between you and your success. The most effective tips to dress for business success includes –

Dress appropriately for business success –

The way people perceive you and you present yourself is interlinked and if your business attire is too casual then it can give a message that you don’t put in much of an effort or you are not serious or care too much about your work. Even people you are familiar with in business world will have same perceptions about you and your work which makes it very important to dress in the right manner if you want to get success. Therefore it is important for you to work hard for your work as well as for your appearance so that people can talk about you in right manner.

dress for business

Wear clean outfits –

It is very important that your business wardrobe is clean because image plays very crucial role in determining the kind of person you are as well as your business projects. If you have tendency for spoiling your clothes then carry an extra piece of outfit when you are going out for important business meetings or for speaking engagement. If any accidents happen then you should have a spare outfit to change so that it does not hamper your looks or your business.

Opt for classy business dresses –

Since your appearance reflects how people will perceive your competence, so it is important that you take your look seriously in business world. You should always remember to keep your attire professional as it is the best way for garnering attention from people for things that you have offer from business perspective. Even the images and photos that you use on social media or business media should have you dressed in classy attire as it is the best way to get respect from your employees, colleagues, partners or clients. You should get yourself a professional looking wardrobe and try to keep it classy if you want to impress people in business world.

Keep in mind your audience –

Selection of business attire largely dependent on people you will meet. So keep in mind the group of people that you are dealing with when you wear any particular attire. Selection of business attire might vary from one place to another; hence it is important for you keep in mind the location of your business before you select any particular outfit for your business. You can also ask for an advice from any experienced professional from to get tips for what to wear on business meetings.

Justfab is best place to get best collections of business attires which you can wear on business meetings. This site also offers best collections regarding women shoes, clothes, handbags and jewelry online which you can select according to your taste and preference.

Fashion Tips for Women with Thicker Calves

Thick calves can be a concern for plus sized women particularly when she tries to find suitable footwear which can complement her shape. Mid-length and knee high boots are usually very tight around the legs, thus such styles might not be suitable for ladies with large size. Many plus size women stay away from short skirts and dresses during summer to avoid showing their legs and prefer to remain covered up in maxi skirts or trousers. However, you do not need hide your calves, instead follow some clever styling tips, which can make your legs look slimmer and longer than they actually are. Let us now discover some interesting tips that can help you, if you want to flaunt your legs with confidence.


Many plus size designers are now offering footwear in larger sizes, so you have lots to choose from. Earlier, boots were available only in wide leg and wide foot sizes, but now plus size women also have great variety available to choose from. Be it high street or online stores, you can get boots in all width and sizes you need. Justfab is one such store that offer many collections regarding shoes and each of them are equally stunning.

If you plan to order your boots online, do take proper measurements of your calves and feet, to get proper fit. Generally, your shoemaker will able to stretch your leather boots by an inch to give you some extra space, but this can happen only with superior quality leather shoes. If your boots have a side or front fastening, then you can get elasticated inserts so that you enjoy some more space for wide calves.

Thicker Calves

Opt for high heel footwear as they instantly make your legs slim, and this is even more important when you wear skirt or dress. Go for thick to medium size heels, as stiletto or kitten heels will go out of proportion with your thick calves and they will draw more attention towards them.


Ladies with thick calves should avoid skinny jeans, tight trousers, and leggings. Your best choice is solid color trouser that is flared slightly at the ankle, as it will balance out your structure perfectly. You can also opt for bootcut jeans and straight leg jeans that has slightly loose fitting. Do not wear 3/4 length jeans or Capri trousers, as they will make your legs look stubby. You can visit to go through the collection regarding trousers for plus size women.

Dresses and Skirts

Finding dresses and skirts that can look great on you is not difficult. In fact, Justfab has amazing collection waiting for you to explore. But make sure to avoid short and tight designs like bodycon dresses or pencil skirts that can draw all attention towards your legs. Also, try to avoid hemlines that end above your ankles. Floaty dresses and A-line skirts that end just below the knees will look great on you, and you can complement them with nude heels to give impression that you have long legs.

The simplest way to drive attention away from one part is to emphasize another part that you can show off. If you are confident about your waist, arms or bust, focus on these parts while choosing your outfit. You can wear bright-colored tops over dark skirt or trousers, to draw attention towards your upper body. A hint of cleavage with some nice attractive necklace will ensure that all attention remains towards your top half.